Widespread Copywriting Headline Mistakes

One of the most important aspects of your content is your headline. If the headline for your blog post is about as interesting as an obituary, your customers won’t even get to your content. They’ll go somewhere else that sounds more interesting.

You need to reel them in, and you do this via good copywriting headlines.

An excellent way of being inspired for writing copywriting headlines is by checking out what others are doing. You’ll be amazed at the amount of headlines that start with the lines, ‘How to …’  ’10 things You Didn’t Know About …’ or even ‘Why You Need To …’

Words like How and Why are trigger words. They draw people in. Catchy headlines filled with trigger words offer the consumer a promise that they will find something out that will either change their life, or at least brighten their day.

Think back to when you clicked on an article. You clicked it because of a copywriting headline. What was it about the headline that drew you in?

Yet copywriters continue to make the mistake of writing bad copywriting headlines because they keep making a few fundamental errors. Let’s take a look at some of these widespread copywriting headline mistakes.

Less Fluff, More Clarity

People don’t want to read a long drawn out headline that just reads awkwardly. You need to keep everything simple and clear. Don’t try to be clever, and don’t use big words. Use action words that speak to your target audience, and make sure your message is as clear as possible. Say what you need to say and no more.

Don’t Ask Boring Questions

Some headlines get away with asking a question. But if you’re going to ask a question, don’t be boring.

If you ask Internet browsers, ‘Why try X Product?’ you’re not going to attract any attention. They’ll just shrug and move on.

Or they’ll fall asleep.

Instead, tell them why they should try your product. Have you got something special to offer them? Something they can’t really live without? Tell them in your headline. ‘Get Discounted Access To 20,000 movies If You Subscribe Today’.

Don’t Deceive People

If your copywriting headline is explosive, such as ‘Find Out The REAL Reason X Celebrity Had A Meltdown,’ you’ve got to back it up with explosive content.

Copywriting headlines that promise a lot, have to then give a lot with the subsequent content. Otherwise, your consumers will turn away, deciding that your brand is guilty of click-bait. A brand’s reputation online is hugely important, and it can be very easy to damage it through bad online copywriting.

Don’t Be General

If your headline is saying the same thing as many others out there, you’ll find it hard to drive traffic to your content. Whilst attempting to articulate concisely what others are saying, it’s your task to make it stand out. Deliver your copywriting headline in a way that will make consumers think, ‘hmm, these guys have something fresh to say.’

Stick To Fewer Concepts

Your copywriting headline is not supposed to say a million things.

‘Get Discounted Access To 20,000 movies If You Subscribe Today’ tells the audience what service you provide (movies), how much better you are than the competition (20,000 movies) and what benefits are in store for the consumer (discounts).

Keep things simple.

If In Doubt, Hire A Website Content Writing Service

Because copywriting headlines are so important, it might be that you require the help of a website content writing service.

A website content writing service will basically compose engaging, catchy, to-the-point headlines that will improve your click-through rate.

If coming up with a headline is too time consuming for you, and you still haven’t got past ‘Why Try X Product?’  you might want to consider outsourcing.