Why Readers are Gone? Worst Content Writing Strategies

Watch out for content writing strategies that drive your readers away

Nobody develops content development strategies with the intention of running off readers. It usually happens because the writer forgets to think like the reader. They start writing for themselves when they should be writing for the audience. Good quality content writing that provides the audience with what they want will ultimately be much more effective in helping you attain your own goals. Some of the mistakes made writing content include:

  • Confusing the reader: You crafted a great headline and hooded the reader. But when they check the content it has nothing to do with your headline. They will be confused and/or feel deceived. It is okay to be clever with your headlines, but make sure you don’t mislead the reader.
  • Distracting the reader: Every piece of content you write has a goal that it is meant to accomplish. Sometimes people get so caught up with the bells and whistles that they defeat their own purpose and actually distract the reader from what you want them to do.
  • Apathetic content: When you write long form content, you naturally want the reader to care about what you write. Many times people write content that has the opposite effect. By the time the reader has a couple of paragraphs under their belt they just don’t care any more

These are some of the more common mistakes that writers make with their content writing but there is nothing there that can’t be remedied.

Content writing tips and suggestions

If you want to keep from unintentionally doing something to discourage the reader, keep the following tips and suggestion in mind when you write:

  • Relevance: How does what you are offering apply to the reader’s needs? If your content isn’t applicable to their situation they will lose interest.
  • Context: Who is this for? You need to think like your audience and put yourself in their shoes. Think about whom it is that needs what you are offering.
  • Benefits: What is in it for the reader? Don’t talk about your product or whatever you are offering. That isn’t what people are interested in. Write about how they will benefit and what they will gain. It is about the reader, not you.
  • Show a difference: In most cases you won’t be the only one offering a solution to the same problem. You need to convey how your solution is different and what makes it better.
  • Appeal to emotions: People avoid pain and seek pleasure. Touch on points that show how they can do one or the other or both. What are the emotional needs of your customer?

These are points that pretty much all content writing strategies should include. There are a zillion and one strategies that you might employ to meet your goals. If the one you choose contains the elements discussed it has a chance to succeed. It takes time and effort to develop good content. If you don’t have time to devote to it yourself, a professional content writing service may be the solution you need.

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