What Does A Copy Editor Do And How To Become A Pro In This Field

When we write a piece, we are sometimes a little guilty of smiling, sitting back with our arms behind our head, and our feet propped up on the table. Proud, we feel like we’ve done a great job and now we can kick back and relax. Yes sir, we’re an awesome copywriter and this piece of copy is going to change the world. All eyes on us and our amazing copy.

The problem is that, no matter how good a piece of copy is, the chances are there are always a few mistakes in there. Minor mistakes – perhaps – but mistakes all the same.

It’s not particularly our fault that we missed these mistakes, because the simple fact is that it’s really easy for a person to miss their own errors. It’s actually a biologically innate trait that causes us to miss our own errors – simply because we’re so used to our pattern of writing. We think everything is hunky dory, even if it isn’t. It’s all about perception, you see.

And because of this, it’s imperative that we get another pair of eyes on board. In other words, it’s imperative that we get a professional editor onboard who will look at our work objectively and iron out the mistakes. And if we don’t want to get a pro onboard, we should instead work at becoming a pro ourselves.

So, What Does A Copywriter Do?

What does a copywriter do and what do you have to do to become a pro? Good question. Let’s take a look.

They Sort Out Your Inconsistency

As writers, we can be a bit absent minded. We’re artists and we work freely. But this can be very bad when it comes to copy. It means using ‘60s’ in one chapter and ‘sixties’ in another chapter. It means using ‘OK’ for the first half of a piece of copy before switching to ‘okay’ for the second half. Not cool. Copy editing services will sort all this out.

They Lose Your Repetition

Particularly if we write really quickly, owing to a looming deadline, it’s possible that we’ll use the same words over and over in a piece of copy. For example, we might overdo ‘awesome.’ A professional editor will spot this and will help to correct it.

They Clarify Meaning

We sometimes hire copy editing services because our thoughts are a little muddled and we’re really struggling to make a clear argument in our piece. To make things worse, our grammar is a little off and thus the meaning of a sentence is changed entirely thanks to a misplaced comma. A professional editor – which you can be – clarifies meaning. By sorting out the grammar, the copy editor salvages meaning and makes things easier for the reader.

They Track Their Changes

As LibroEditing points out in his blog, a copy editor uses MS Word to track their changes so that the writer knows exactly what’s been done to their work. It is a copy editing services duty to not only make the changes, but to also make sure that the writer knows about them. This saves time and confusion.

They Save You A Libel Charge

To become a professional editor, you need some understanding of libel law. This enables you to make a note of anything that could land the writer in hot water. After all, no writer really wants to be sued – but sometimes they make mistakes in manuscript editing that can land them in court. It’s a copyeditors job to help minimise this risk.