Website Content 2015: Dos and Don’ts

Website Content 2015 Dos and Don'ts

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Do you own a website and want to know the dos and don’ts for website content this year? Well, if you do want to keep yourself updated and your website, too, you can check out the following information so that you can align your content with the latest practices online.

Website Content 2015: What Are the Dos and Don’ts?


  1. Think about your audience.
  2. Think before you create a page layout, a graphic design, link grouping, relationship between pages and content structure.
  3. Use outside websites.
  4. Test your pages and see what works and what do not.
  5. Ask feedback from people by putting your email address right at the home page of your website, and then ask for comments.
  6. Think of your website as a kind of an informal portfolio and do it.
  7. Write engaging content to influence your audience
  8. Keep your content, including articles and blogs updated.
  9. Make use of bullets or lists to break up your content.


  1. Do not forget of the basics, including a search engine friendly title, a site map if your website is only five pages and make important information easily accessible.
  2. Do not forget including a copyright notice.
  3. Do not borrow pictures, contents and blogs without asking permission.
  4. Do not abuse multimedia and graphics.
  5. Do not break rules of ethics online. Avoid spamming, posting or flaming offensive material.
  6. Do not oversell yourself or your business.
  7. Do not write content that sends people to sleep.
  8. Avoid repeating yourself.
  9. Avoid writing long text walls.

There you have the basics to know about website content 2015, so do not forget of them and follow these rules if you want to rank on search engines and implement good practices for your business exposure.

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