Top 5 Reasons To Hire An Editor

As good as we can be as writers, mostly all writers are plagued with issues of self-doubt. Once we’ve finished a paper or a manuscript, the same question keeps on coming back to us: But how do we know it’s really finished? Do we know how to proofread a paper? How do we know there are no loose ends, no mistakes, and no issues that we’ve somehow missed?

Moreover, how do we know we’ve really communicated our argument well enough that it’s understandable and effective? It’s hard as a writer to be objective about your own work. It’s easy to get emotional about it, to think everything fits because you wrote it and it’s awesome. You get attached to paragraphs that you love despite knowing that, deep down, they don’t really work. You’re too scared to cut them.

But objectivity is the best thing about about an editor. An editor will approach your work with the kind of cold objectivity that ensures it’s as good as it can be, trimming out the fat and cutting the fluff. Let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons to hire an editor.

#1 Different Pair of Eyes

It’s a cliche but an editor really represent a fresh way of seeing your work. After all, you’ve spent the last few weeks or months working tirelessly on your paper and now you’re almost seeing double. If you hire an editor, they will be able to bring a degree of freshness that spots the errors that your tired eyes couldn’t see.

#2 You Save Time

I know, hiring an editor shouldn’t simply be to save you time, but it really is great reason to hire an editor. Whilst they’re working on refining your work and getting it absolutely perfect, you could be moving onto another paper – or even enjoying a well-earned break from work! As WhiteDiamondEdits points out in their blog there is a bit of groundwork you need to do before hiring an editor, and this is where your time can disappear. After that – let them work their magic!

#3 They’re Professionals

When you hire an editor, you’re not simply asking your mate to go through your work before he goes to the pub. Instead, you’re hiring an editor who is a professional doing what they do best – editing. This is their job, for which they’re remunerated handsomely. Putting your trust in a paid professional ensures that your paper is given the best treatment that it needs.

#4 They Can Take Your Paper Onto Another Level

As good as your paper might well be at the moment, an editor can take it onto the next level. It’s the editors job to tighten your paper so that it becomes better and your arguments are more effective. Think of it like a young footballer who has just signed for a major team. He’s a bit rough around the edges but, working alongside the top coaches, he will soon become the finished article.

#5 Versatility

Let’s say that you’ve written a thesis about the turtles in the Galapagos islands and are worried that an editor won’t have a clue what you’re talking about. Don’t worry! Editors are extremely versatile and well-read, and they are able to work on any type of subject matter.