Rules For Copywriting Blog

Blogs are a powerful tool for helping businesses reach more people. Back in 2012, 329 million people viewed a blog, with 25 billion pages viewed in a single month. These numbers are only going to increase as more and more of us turn to blogs for advice, products or even just entertainment.

The key reasons we turn to blogs are:

  • Entertainment.
  • Engagement.
  • Communication.
  • Openness.
  • Fun.
  • Knowledge.
  • Information.

We all have a reason for visiting blogs, but we also have a reason for just as easily avoiding a blog – bad copy. Blog copywriting, you see, is not always as easy as it might seem. Whilst the benefits of a stellar blog are massive – such as increased revenue and brand exposure – the disadvantages are the completely opposite. Bad blog copywriting means no conversions. To help you devise a better strategy for your copywriting blog, and to help you engage more easily with your consumers, we’ve come up with a few rules for copywriting blog.

Keep It Varied

The importance of SEO is not to be underestimated. By sprinkling your blogs with relevant keywords that Internet browsers are tapping into search engines, you are giving your copywriting blog every chance to be seen. But rather than composing several blogs based around the same keywords, it’s best to be as diverse as possible and be open about the kind of topics and keywords you’ll be utilizing. This not only means that you’ll stand out from the competition, but it also gives your blog copywriting a better chance of being seen. Always remember, though, that your keywords have to target your intended audience.

Promote Your Blog

As well as keywords, a fundamental part of the success of your blog copywriting is promoting it. There are a few ways to share your blog with people, such as regularly posting your copywriting blog posts to social media, linking your blog to other blogs, as well as submitting it to blog directories.

Building relationships with other, well-respected bloggers is a good way of spreading your name. A copywriting blog is one thing, but it’s nothing if nobody knows it exists. Getting to know bloggers who have a huge audience creates the potential for them to link your blog to theirs, thus exposing your posts to all their thousands of followers.

Images Are Fun

If you pepper your blog posts with one or two images (or many more), you’re breaking up your rows and rows of text, and you’re also giving your audience something colourful to look at.

People are sometimes put off by a page that is stuffed with text. By implementing a few images – these could be info-graphics – that enhances your content, you’re improving the chances of more conversions.

Your Blog Has To Be Easy To Read

Unless you’re targeting high-brow philosophers, chances are that your copywriting blog posts shouldn’t be academic bcause it is one of the copywriting mistakes. Instead, advice is to keep things short and simple. If you are to write longer blog posts, keep your language simple and keep the text flowing and easy to read. Use sub-headings to break up the post.

Include Share Buttons

Absolutely fundamental for successful blog copywriting online the inclusion of ‘share’ buttons – such as Facebook share – at the end of your blog. In this way, your readers will be able to expose your posts to more people.

If The Words Don’t Come, Sleep On It

The final rule is that you should never post poor quality. If one day you’re finding that the words just won’t flow out of you, leave it for another day. Don’t force the issue to the point where you end up posting something that could compromise your blog’s integrity. Keeping people on your side is key.