Professional Editing Services: How To Make Your Paper Perfect

Writers have always needed editors. Even the great Oscar Wilde needed an editor because, as good a writer as he undoubtedly was, he wasn’t a fantastic editor.

Writing can be a spontaneous art. Writers are artists who pour words out of themselves in fits of creativity. Writers can be undisciplined, mercurial, and even a little bit manic. It is the job of the editor to tighten everything together and make sure that everything makes sense. An editor reigns the writer in.

Naturally, a writer should be disciplined if they’re working for a client. But because of the domination of the Internet, a writer also has to fight against fast deadlines. And because some writers are churning out work left, right and centre, there is invariably going to be mistakes. Step forward a professional editing or effective proofreading service to take a load off the writer and make life easier.

But what do professional editing services do? Let’s find out!

They Make Sure Your Work Is Consistent

Because writing can be a spontaneous art, or because a writer has to work quickly to meet deadlines, it means that a writer’s content is not necessarily consistent in tone, style, structure and even things like names and word usage. For example, you might have used ‘OK’ in the first few paragraphs before unconsciously switching to ‘okay’ for the next few. Before switching back again!

Professional editing services conduct a thorough paper edit that injects consistency into your work. Moreover, they ensure that your paper is consistent with what the publisher expects. If, for example, you’re writing for a magazine aimed at teens but your tone is stuffy, professional editing services will help sort this out. If you have any characters in a piece of fiction who speak in one way in one chapter and in another way in another chapter, professional editing services will help with this facet of consistency too.

They Sort Our Your Grammar

As well as correcting poor grammar, as Karen R. Sanderson points out in her blog a paper edit carried out by professional editing services will also help you to tidy up your sentences in general to make them more readable. If, for example, you’ve used too many semi-colons, it might be fine from a grammatical point of view, but it may still be a jarring experience for the reader. They will also help to shorten any ridiculously long sentences.

They Remove The Fluff

No writer alive can produce a polished, finished piece of work after just one draft, but even after a second draft our piece might still have too much fluff because we find it hard to be objective about our own work and remove sentences that are redundant.

A copy editor, though, will look at your work through objective eyes and will be able to help you avoid repetition or unnecessary words, sentences or paragraphs. For example, if you write that ‘today was nice and awesome,’ you don’t need both words. Remove nice but keep awesome.