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Excellent Professional Copy Editing

The copy editing that we offer is of excellent quality. We are a service where we have expert editors and proofreaders who check the write-up very minutely so that not a single error is missed. We also listen to all that our client expects from us. For instance: Doing extra research on the topic in order to add additional information or references, checking the facts and dates properly and so on. The client is always updated about the changes made and review drafts are forwarded for follow up action. All the amendments asked by the client after going through the review are immediately carried out. The expert editor is always available over the phone if the client wishes to speak to the editor directly.

Reasons for Selecting Our Service

Here’s a list of reasons why you should select our service:

  • We have highly expert editors who are capable of meeting all your requirements and fulfilling them in the best way possible.
  • We do a variety of services and you can select the one you need editing in. Whether it is manuscript, dissertation editing, thesis editing, book or any other form of editing, we have experts working day and night with 100% dedication. We have specialists in all types of editing thus you will be receiving a high quality edited and proofread document ready for publishing.
  • The price is very affordable. We will not find a better deal than this. There is guaranteed cash back offer for the entire amount in case of dissatisfaction which in fact our experts will not let happen. Moreover there are no hidden or extra charges attached at the time of delivery for added amendments or research.
  • You can speak to the editor directly and ask for as many changes as you want.
  • We provide rush turn around.
  • We have expert editors in a number of languages. They are all native speakers and you can rely on them with your document editing.

This list of reasons will surely help you decide o choosing our editing service excluding any dilemma or confusion you might have had.

Professional Copy Editing Services

The editors appointed to work and represent our service team of editors and proofreaders are “expert professionals”. They work with complete concentration in checking each sentence thoroughly. They are not trainees who have no idea or partial understanding of editing a document. We offer the best professionals who will submit you your write-up thoroughly checked, edited and exactly on time. We do not delay any submission. The review process is maintained prior to the date of delivery. If you wish to know the quotation for the number of pages you want us to edit for you, drop a mail or dial up our number.

To know more about our services, call/mail us!