Persuasive Copywriting Formulas

Persuasive copywriting

It seems like every other day there is another new gimmick somebody is promoting that promises to drive more traffic to your website, get your site ranked higher more or generate more sales. To be fair, not everything being promoted is a gimmick and there are many things that you could do to improve your site. However, one thing that remains essentially unchanged is good sales copywriting. Sure, there are a few things you do differently online than the way things were done in the pre-internet days, but the basic principles haven’t changed. If you are doing business online (or anyplace else), persuasive copywriting is essential.

How to write persuasive copy

It isn’t as easy as it may sometimes appear to write good copy. The page you skimmed over in seconds may have taken somebody hours to write. But if it caught your attention in those first few seconds it did what it was supposed to. Persuasive copywriting isn’t about being the best writer, or being technically correct. It’s about connecting with your reader.

Here are some copywriting techniques and suggestions that can help you write more persuasive copy:

  • Know your audience: Before you write anything you should know who your audience is. Who are you targeting with your copy? You can’t write for everybody and be effective. Define your target audience and write for them.
  • Have a conversation: Write like you would speak if you were having a conversation with somebody on the same topic. If you come across as too stiff and formal, you may lose the reader. Don’t be overly familiar. Just be natural. Lose the jargon and the big words that for some people feel compelled to include in anything they write.
  • Use power words: There are certain words that influence the decision making process, and that you can use to make your copy more persuasive. Words such as “you”, “free”, “immediately” and “save” are not what most people think of as power words. These and dozens of other power words can have a big impact when used correctly. You can’t just scatter them at random and expect good results. It’s important to know why a specific word prompts a response and under what circumstances.
  • Use a formula: Starting you write copy without any plan in mind will usually result in something poorly written, or take much longer than it should.

There is a four step formula that you can use for virtually all sales copy if you find yourself stuck:

  1. Tell the reader what you have for them
  2. Let the reader know how they will benefit
  3. Tell them who you are so they know why they should believe you
  4. Tell them what they need to do next

Useful copywriting techniques

  1. Identify a problem
  2. Discuss the problem
  3. Provide a solution to the problem

These tips just scratch the surface of persuasive copywriting. It is a skill that comes easier to some than others but it can be learned. If you need good copywriting today, and don’t have the time to develop your own skills, you may want to try our professional copywriting service.

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