Our Copyediting Marks Service

Authors need to produce a high quality manuscript paper. Anything less than the very best, can result in rejection or diminished reputation. There are quite a few copyediting companies but not all of them provide great service. Some, in fact, offer very little, but glorified proofreading. That is not the case with us. Our copy editing marks the kind of service that an author can benefit from using.

Good Copyediting Marks a Manuscript with Excellence

The approach has to be both systematic and comprehensive. We make use of very professional copy editors to do the work. We begin by preparing the client for the process careful explanation of our services. This allows them to better understand all is we’re going to do. We will then assign one of our professionals to the project. The client will explain what is needed and any additional information that can be used in the editing. Our copy editor marks well what is being said by the client or customer. The consultations are over with, the copy editor and staff get to work on checking for mistakes and correcting them. One of the objectives is to make the overall content even better. It is a process akin to polishing a gemstone.

Feedback Is Part of the Process

We do not simply take content, make some changes, and throw it back to the client. Our staff will complete a draft of the copy edit and then contact the client. The draft is shown to that person and feedback requested. It is our way of making certain that what we are doing is what the client would like to have done. With that information, a second inspection is done of the manuscript. After that, the client then receives the finished product.

Our Service Comes with Incredible Guarantees

Any author who has contracted for service from another copy editor and has received bad service can be a little cautious. We respect that and back all of our work comes with a number of guarantees. We have on time delivery provision. We also will promise a client absolute privacy for all the content that we receive. Quality is always a major concern and client has the right to have the very best. We offer a 100% money back guarantee on all of our work. Frankly said, if we do not provide what is with a client wants that we will not get paid. It is part of the commitment to our clients and spurs us on.

Clients need to have good online copy editing service and great copy editing websites when it comes to the copy editing. The prospect of rejection is not something they wish to deal with. Our professionals are mindful of the client’s ultimate wish, and we work to fulfill that. Testimonials from our previous clients speak to both the professionalism and the great courtesy we have shown. Our copyediting marks service that is second to none in the industry. We can help any client achieve the quality goals that his or her hard work merits.

We can help provide a flawless manuscript or article!