Main Copy Editing Rules

Know the Copy Editing Rules

In order to succeed with creating a write-up that is error free, well crafted and excellently written you need to know the rules of editing. It is not only about correcting the spelling errors, the tenses and prepositions and your editing is complete. There are various rules that go further than just spelling and grammatical errors. Once you know the rules you will be able to polish your paper to perfection.

The Rules

Here are some pointers that can work as a copy editing guide for you:

  • First and foremost, make sure what you intend to express through the writing.
  • Check if all the points are clearly stated in the document.
  • While revising, ensure that the reader will understand what is stated rather than be confused. If the writing is confusing change the sentences and simplify them without changing the meaning. Too long sentences, quotes and statements are always confusing as the reader tends to get lost mid sentence. Break your long sentences and make them into 2-3 sentences.
  • No writing will be appreciated if it has spellings and grammatical mistakes. Revise not once but several times and eliminate spelling errors, typos, missed words, mistyped words etc. Read out the sentences aloud as it helps detect errors.
  • You can also ask a friend to read it and see if he/she understands the concept you wish to express.
  • Do not rush with your editing. Check everything thoroughly and if needed change an entire paragraph and rewrite it so that it is easy to understand and the point stated in crystal clear.
  • Color coding is very helpful while editing a paper. Use three colors. One for the portion that requires heavy editing. One for the paragraph you are finished editing. A third color for the paragraph that you have checked, edited and is nearly perfect.

Professional Help with Copy Editing Process

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