Long VS Short Form Content Pages: Which to Choose?

Why You Should Understand All about the Long VS Short Form Content Pages: Which to Choose?

Everyone has his own opinion on what type of form to use as writers or SEO copewriters of content pages. There are those who will tell you that long are the best since they give all the required information while there are those who will tell you that the short ones are better since they are considered to be precise in what they mention. The truth is that each form is the best in its own way since each has a recommendation on where it should be used. To help us understand better the Long VS Short Form Content Pages: Which to Choose? We will look at the various types of content pages that appear best when used by either of the two forms.

The Content to Be Used for Homepages

Since the homepage is basically the page which serves the visitor of the site with all the links present in that site, experts have found it suitable to apply the short form content page method when coming up with content for your homepage. This is basically because nobody wants to visit a homepage where you have to read long articles before getting access to the links of the site. The homepage is like a guide to the test where it gives all the possible links you can visit in that site and the best form is the short form content where there will be less and therefore the site visitor will not be bored reading down long articles on this page.

The Landing Pages Content

A landing page is that page which is supposed to give the site all the information he/she may needs since it mainly focuses on the whole service process that the SEO writing service site is offering. Since it mostly consists of activities that the clients do not have enough information about, it is required that the developer of this page uses the long form content method where he will be able to provide all the information to the clients and the clients will not have any problems accessing the information about all the services being offered by that site.

Blog Posts Content Page

Researchers of the search engine rankings have shown that blog posts pages with a relatively high web page word count of about 2,000 words ranks much higher than the ones with a lower number of words per page. It is for this reason that this page is recommended to be developed using the long form so as to receive these high rankings. However even as we encourage more words per page, it is important to note that how these blogs are organized in their sentence and paragraph structure is also important and should be done to perfection if you are to receive a high ranking for your site.

The Email Marketing Content Page

Email is quite interesting since you are required to come with a subject line and this subject line is also a point of concern if you are to receive the rankings you want. The best way to write your subject line has been to use an average number that do not exceed 10 and you will be okay. If we are talking about the whole email the principles applied in blog posts apply here where you are advised to use a high SEO word count so as to increase your ratings.

With the various illustrations on which pages appear better with which type of content form, you will be able to understand all about the Long VS Short Form Content Pages: Which to Choose? Where you will choose the form for the specific web page you are developing at that particular moment. So now you do not have to worry about which method is superior to which one.