How to Hire an Editor

You may have a lengthy manuscript or a highly technical white paper you spent hours working on. It may be very informative, but if there are misspellings or grammatical mistakes. That work will not pass inspection of either a publisher or a journal. It is really in your best interests to have an editor take a look at the draft before it is submitted. There are number of ways to hire an editor, and this doesn’t have to be a difficult process.

Search the Internet to Find an Editor for Hire

The web allows for the search to be a little bit easier. There any number of freelancers, and online companies offering their services. The challenge for you is decide how to select the person or online service to do the editing work.

This means that you should be doing some decision-making prior to making that search. You need to take a look at what exactly you require and editors will charge for different proofreading and copyediting services at different rates. If all you want is proofreading or academic copy editing work done, then the price you pay for it should not be that great. However, if you have highly precise a technical language the editor is going to charge more. It is all part of getting a good copy.

Check the Rates on the Editor

If you’re going to hire a copy editor, it is important to take a look at what the rates are for services rendered. Some editors will charge an hourly rate, and this can be as much is $50 an hour. There are others that will charge per page and can be as much is $7.50 per page, regardless of how many words are on it. The final possibility is going to be an editor who will charge per word.

You have to weigh those rates against the size of your project. Charging by the page may be less expensive than an hourly rate, and accepting a rate per word may be more affordable. It all depends on what will be edited. Part of the work you do ahead of time is to determine how much you are willing to pay for the editing services.

Do you need additional services? Keep in mind some editors will only do certain things for you. If you need formatting or other editing activities, a given freelancer may or may not be able to do that.

Taking a Look at an Online Service

If you need additional services it may be a good idea to take a look at a company that provides editing. There may be a number of options that you can use, which will be supplied. It is essential, however, that you be assigned a human being to work on your project. An automated service is a very poor editing option. Don’t hesitate to ask what the process is for editing. The company should be able to answer that question without any problem. Guarantees such as privacy, on-time delivery, and even money back guarantees if dissatisfied should all be part of the final decision.

Do not hesitate to make use of editing services. You should allow a disinterested third-party to look for the mistakes and make corrections. Obviously, it is going to cost a fee but that is much better than having your work rejected by a publisher or journal editor.