How a Skilled Social Media Copywriter can Change Your Business for the Better

The effects of social media on the way we live are getting stronger. Everyone can now be a self-publisher and a journalist, espousing their views to the world via platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. And no matter who you are, no matter if no one has even heard of you, people will listen as long as you’ve got something they want to hear.

Indeed, a single Tweet that speaks to people can go viral, thereby launching you and your business into the public consciousness in a matter of minutes.

From a nobody to an overnight sensation – this is what happens with social media. And the great thing is that it can happen for anyone.

Including you and your business

But first you have to get it right. To use social media effectively, you really need a skilled social media copywriter who knows what they’re doing. Social media copywriting isn’t something anyone can do. It takes knowledge, strategy, nous, a bit of savvy and creativity to get it right. Let’s have a look at a few reasons why you should be looking to hire a quality social media copywriter.

Social Media Copywriter’s Spot Trends

When something is trending on the Internet, it means that it’s popular. It means that people are searching for it, and reading comments and posts about it.

Keeping up-to-date with what is trending on social media is not easy, and most businesses simply won’t have the time for it. Part of social media copywriting is often tapping into what is trending and creating dynamic content that capitalises on popular topics.

A social media copywriter will identify the trends and work the most suitable ones into content for your business. This will generate more exposure and higher click-through-rates.

Social Media Copywriter’s Interact With Your Audience

Social media copywriting isn’t always about interacting with your audience, but audience participation certainly helps consumers to connect with your business. By inviting interaction, your business will be endearing itself more closely to your consumers.

Starbucks regularly invite their customers to come up with new ideas for coffees. People love this kind of thing. A good social media copywriter will know exactly how to interact with your target audience, thereby drumming up fantastic engagement.

Social Media Copywriter’s Can Write

It might sound obvious, but it’s still a point worth making. Your online content needs to be of good quality, otherwise people will turn away.

Good social media copywriting means good copy that improves conversion rate and makes people want to share it. It means short, to-the-point posts with mouthwatering headlines that appeals to the social media crowd. If you can’t create quality copy, hire a skilled social media copywriter to do it for you.

Social Media Copywriter’s Can Be Controversial

Yes, they can stir up controversy. But they don’t have to. Whilst controversy can certainly create brand awareness, it’s important to identify what your brand is and who your target audience is. A flower company that decides to get badass on social media will do more damage than good.

The point here is that a good copywriter will be able to target your audience and shape your brand via social media copywriting. If you want a bit of controversial copy that helps you stand out from the crowd, then go for it.

Social Media Copywriter’s Get Shares

Nope, they’re not going to be investing in your company. But they are going to be creating shareable content.

In a nutshell, content that gets shared via social media platforms – particularly Facebook – has way more chance of going viral than content that stays where it is. A talented social media online copywriter will conjure up the kind of copy that will make people want to share it.

Once your social media copywriting has been shared, your business will spread. You will be reaching far more people than you ever dreamed of.