Helpful Copywriting Tips For Beginners

If you’re just starting out in the exciting world of copywriting, it’s surely down to a love of writing that you’ve started this journey in the first place. But as many of us have found out over the years, copywriting is very far removed from working on our own novels.

The bad news is that you can’t be an artist when it comes to copywriting. If you think you can turn out prose inspired by James Joyce, you may be in the wrong place. No matter how poetic you are, you’re going to need to adapt to a more simplistic, yet ultimately more engaging style of writing. It means discarding flowery phrases in exchange for keywords.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t love writing copy as much as you love writing your own novels that will eventually turn you into a millionaire.

But copywriting is all about turning content into something that a target audience will want to read. It’s often persuasive, energetic, enthusiastic, informative, direct, and hugely engaging.

More than anything, copy keeps things simple. By doing all of this, it improves conversion rates. A lot.

Let’s have a look at some copywriting tips for beginners.

Don’t Do Too Much

One of my biggest tips for copywriters as for travel copywriters as for fitness copywriter is to try to not overdo your content. If you churn out too much copy for your site in a short period of time, you’ll exhaust yourself constantly trying to come up with fresh content. In short, you may go insane. It’s okay to repost.

It’s All About The Headlines

Actually, it isn’t all about the headlines, but one of my best tips for copywriting online is that your headlines have to draw people in. Get your headlines wrong and it’s bye-bye conversions. Be direct and clear with your language.

Get Into The Zone

As mentioned, good copy has to be energetic, enthusiastic and engaging. Imagine trying to write enthusiastic and engaging content whilst you’re down in the dumps? But like a comedian always has to pick themselves up before a show, one of my tips for copywriters is that your content has to match your mood. Get yourself in the right frame of mind and your copy will look much better.

Insert Keywords Naturally

Any tips for copywriting are going to mention keywords. Yes, keywords need to be slotted into your copy. But you need to do it tastefully. If you don’t, your copy will look impersonal and the only thing you’ll engage is a Google Bot. And, trust me, those guys don’t buy anything (as I found out).

Watch Commercials

You might not thank me just yet for telling you to watch TV commercials, and your spouse might think you’ve gone insane when you start recording them as I do, but commercials are an invaluable source of copywriting tips for beginners. The narration simply and succinctly gets a strong message across, which is what you need to do too.

You’re Not Just A Writer Anymore

I know, I know, you have ideals as a writer. You want to be an artist, a novelist. Many of us do. But one of my favourite tips for copywriting is to remind you that you’re also a sales person. You’re a writer but you’re also trying to persuade people to take action. You’re there to drive profit.

If In Doubt, Outsource

My final tips for copywriters is that you should consider outsourcing your work to a SEO vendor if your workload is too much. It’s important to do your research first, though, because some SEO vendor’s are way worse than others. The last thing you want is poorly written copy that looks a lot like spam. It will only drive customers away.