Get Copy Editing Books with Our Help

Books are major projects for any author. These can take months or even years to write, and the last thing that any author wants is to have a rejection notice due to poor formatting. It is why copyediting books so important. The smart authors understand that being their own copy editors is not a good way of doing business. They will seek out a book copy editor to check the content and the formatting. This is not always an easy task and not every editor is good. We have the expertise and copyediting marks to provide the quality work. The author needs to have.

We Are the Best When It Comes to Copyediting Books

We work with the best professionals in the field. After we’ve explained our services to a client, we will have the copyediting staff get in touch and go over with that person all that is expected. We understand the importance of urgency and we get right to work on the project. You can check any info on our copy editing websites. Our team of experts will take a look at the project, check for any misspelling or grammar mistakes, and do the kind of formatting that does the work justice. When we’re finished that is the first draft and we want feedback from our clients. They will receive the draft for their inspection.

Going the Extra Mile

We value the feedback of the client because we want to be sure we are doing exactly what is desired. Any revisions or amendments are graciously accepted and executed. We will go back over the draft a second time and check for any other mistakes. We will also polish the content so that it stands out. After we are satisfied with our work we will present the final copy to the client.

We Move Quickly on Projects

Some books are seasonal in that the sales occur at a given time of the year. They can put a lot of anxiety on an office, and we work quickly without sacrificing quality. To ease the pressure on the client to provide an on-time delivery guarantee. This means that we follow through with our deadlines. We also assure our clients that privacy is a trust. We not divulge content to anyone without permission. One final assurance we give is 100% money back guarantee. Authors know that unless we satisfy them. We will not be paid. This is our commitment to those who wish to serve.

Authors work hard to write a great manuscript. It is our job to see to it that great manuscript looks even better. Our staff has worked on numerous projects for clients and they can handle the pressure of deadlines. The final product is the best anyone can get from the industry. Past clients have provided testimonials to the work that we’ve done for the. We work to see to it that those who trust us with their manuscript are not disappointed. What is most important is that any service we deliver is the very best. An author need look no further than our doorstep if he or she needs help copy editing books.