FAQs on How We Writing Website Content

Why I should contact your website writing service?

Our web content writing service is based on the virtue of making sure that our clients are always satisfied by making sure that their needs are met within the shortest period of time. The feedback we have received from our clients proves that indeed our clients are always satisfied by the way we deliver these services to them.

Who is a website content writer?

A website content writer is a writer who has specialized in coming up with quality web content for your website and you should feel free to hire one to handle all your web content needs.

How do I contact a website content writer?

It is very simple, simply log onto our website and you will find our contacts there and you could either call us or send us an email form where we will assign a qualified web content specialist to you.

How do I purchase the web content I need?

You only have to tell us the amount of words you need for your website and we will send you a quotation with the amount of money billable to that content and then our writer will immediately start writing website content.

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

You have the privilege of stating when you expect to have the content back with you but normally it will take 2-3 days for to receive your web content apart from those unique times when you request to receive the content within 1 day where we will work around that timeline and submit the content as you requested.

What happens if I am not satisfied with the writer’s work?

If at all you feel that the content submitted to you was below the standards you expected, you are free to request for a revision of that content highlighting the areas you want changed and you will not be required to pay for these revisions.

Do I get full ownership of the content and when if yes?

Yes our content writing for website services gives you full ownership of the content immediately the content is submitted to you after you have paid the full amount.

Are there any types of niche websites that you do not do?

We work on all the writing niches that your website may be handling as we have professional writers who have specialized in any of those niches.

Do you write web content for blogs and articles?

Yes, we do both blog and article writing as our main focus is to provide you with any written web content that you may need.

Do you offer SEO content writing?

Yes, our content writing for websites service gives you the opportunity to get all your SEO content writing services.

Do you provide regular content for websites?

Yes, if you wish to be receiving regular contents for your website feel free to contact us and we will discuss how regular you want to be receiving that content.