FAQ on What Is a Copywriter

This page is destined to help you to answer questions about copywriting. FAQs on what is a copywriter is here for you to ask questions and our professional copywriter to give out the necessary answers.

You are a copywriter but can you help with design?

We do not pretend to be professional designers. To tell you the truth, very few copywriters have in depth skills. But we our team is highly experienced in the area.

How will I receive my content?

As soon as you make order our experts start working on your project. When it is ready for you to revise we send it via email and kindly wait for your feedback.

Do you do more than copywriting?

Yes, we also specialize in writing website copy that is search engine friendly. And we provide marketing consultancy. Our experienced team is ready to provide you with the most innovative ideas and strategies as well.

Why do I need a professional copywriter? I could do it myself for much less

Yes, you could but it probably wouldn’t be an effective and if you spend enough time to do the project justice, you will be neglecting your real job – marketing and selling your products and services.

How much will it cost?

Each and every job is different, so it is always better to give our professionals a call so we can chat formally about it and give you a few options that will suit you most.

Can you get my web site to the top of the search engine rankings?

Writing for web is a delicate act. You can easily move up the search engine rankings by stuffing your copy full keywords. And you end up with something that will improve your ranking. A better way to move up the rankings is to have useful, relevant copy with keywords occurring naturally throughout. Get it done at our agency.

Why should I hire a web copywriter?

A good copywriter can draft copy that persuades readers. A good web copywriter ( also known as SEO copywriter) can optimize your website for two audiences; readers and search engine spiders. To help your website reach its full potential, it needs to appeal to the emotional needs of your audience as well as the logical needs of search engine spiders. Your web copy is key in driving your target market to your site, capturing your visitors attention, stimulating their curiosity, establishing trust and converting them into full fledged customers.