FAQ About Copy Editors

Who are copy editors?

Copy editors are individuals who are skilled in editing various documents and making it error free. An editor also checks and corrects the facts, quotes, dates and changes the sentence constructions to improve the readership quality specifically if a target audience is marked. For instance, a children’s book will follow a very different tone and vocabulary unlike a company presentation. But the most important factor is the meaning and writing is not changed to a large extent. It is only edited.

Is the proofreading copy editing service reliable?

Yes, it surely is. But you have got nothing to lose if you are not satisfied with the work as we offer 100% cash back guarantee. You can go through the testimonials written by our clients regarding the editing service we offered them. Give our experts a chance to prove their skills to you through their service.

How to know if my document type is edited by your editor?

We have appointed various editors and proofreaders for our copy editing and proofreading service. We do edit books, documents, thesis paper, dissertation paper etc. If you do not find your type of document in the list then it does not mean we do not edit it. Just drop us a mail with a brief about your document type. We will immediately solve your doubts. We are also available on call.

How much will it cost?

The overall price varies depending on the length and other details. You can forward a mail with the length of your writing that needs editing. Do mention the price you would like to quote. You will receive a prompt reply with all the details to guide you through your next step.

I wish to speak to the editor, is that possible?

Yes, surely it is. Whether your write-up is under process of editing or you wish to speak to the writer just call or send us a mail and you will be connected with the expert editor directly to talk about your document details and share what you need in the editing and how you want the final paper to turn out.

What if I do not like the edited draft and ask for amendments, how much do you charge for that?

In case you do not like the review draft sent to you after editing you can surely ask for amendments and changes. Our editors will edit the file for you. To avoid such situations, and get the “accurate edited file”, in the first review draft itself, try to explain your requirements as precisely as possible. We do not charge any added charges for amendments. You can ask for as many changes you want until you are satisfied.

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