Creating Fabulous Online Content Writing

Online content writing is all about engaging an audience, as well as improving traffic and conversion rates along the way.

Whilst the main priority would appear to be drawing in traffic and boosting conversions, it’s by no means the only one. Driving traffic is all well and good, but if consumers are greeted by poor quality content that is laden with mistakes, they’re going to leave your site pretty darn quickly. And they won’t be returning. There are many copywriting mistakes out there, and to help you avoid them whilst improving your online content writing, we’ve compiled a list of tips for copywriting that will help you to create fabulous content.

Identify Your Audience

One of the most disastrous copywriting mistakes you could make is failing to know who your audience is. As consumers, we know what we like and we can be remarkably be picky when it comes to reading content. If your online content writing doesn’t appeal to anyone, you’re going to be wasting a lot of time.

It All Starts With A Headline

Remember those great articles you read last month? Often, the main reason you chose to click on them and not others is because their headlines were better. You need to create a catchy headline that makes people want to click so fast they might spill their coffee.

Always Subhead

Subheadings are great because they help to break up your online content writing and make it appear much more readable. Consumers online have a very short attention span – less than 9 seconds – and they don’t want to be met by rows and rows of endless text.

Font Is King

One of the more surprising copywriting mistakes is using bad font. I’ve seen guys use font that is just plain bland, and I’ve seen some mix text and background colours so badly that my eyes go funny. Stick to popular fonts that look good.

The Longer The Better

Lengthier posts rank better than shorter ones, which is why some companies are now putting a lot of onus on ‘deep content.’ Naturally, this takes up a fair amount of time and can also lead to rambling. To avoid both these issues, you can always hire an SEO content writing service.

Use Power Words

Power words have more emotional impact that drab adjectives like ‘nice’. Different people might suggest different power words work better than others, but depending on your business, words like ‘Bonanza’ ‘Freebie’ ‘Jaw-Dropping’ ‘Sensational’ and ‘No Risk’ are all used to have the kind of impact on consumers that will improve conversions. Ignoring power words is one of our biggest copywriting mistakes.

Lookout For Trends

Trending topics are a great source for content. To give yourself a great chance of engaging with your audience, covering trending topics that everyone is talking about is a great way of not only giving you something to write about, but it also generates exposure for your brand.

Use An SEO Content Writing Service

If you’re struggling for time, or if online content writing is beyond you, one of the most fundamental mistakes you could then make is to ignore the offer of help. An SEO copywriting service exists solely to create great copy for your company. It’ll save you time whilst improving your content.