Copy Editor Rates per Page

A person who has written a manuscript or scholarly article may consider contracting with a freelance copy editor for editing work. This is really a good idea because the second pair of eyes, with no stake in the game, can better concentrate on the quality of the text. Farming out the content does come at a price. Having an idea of copy editing rates per page helps determine if a given copy editor’s fee is affordable and within a budget.

Editing Can Determine the Copy Editor Rates Charged

The task to be done is going to influence how much will be charged. The amount of detail the copy editor must use is important. Proofreading activity is relatively easy and doesn’t require a tremendous amount of effort. Checking style and formatting in addition to accuracy will have a copy editor employing more skills than just taking a look at superficial mistakes. It is going to mean being very careful about the flow of the sentences. It may also mean recommendations for paragraphs being entirely restructured. The content of the manuscript for article brings the work to a higher level. It is possible that entire chapters will have to be rewritten, and even the creation of new content. Furthermore, if the language is highly technical a content writer has to be proficient in the terminology and that makes the service a bit more expensive. It is obvious that each successive level of detail and skill is going to increase the rate is going to be charged.

Should It Be Hourly Or By The Page?

A professional copy editor will charge either by the hour, by the page, or offer a choice to the writer. This is where the writer has to decide which is acceptable. Something that is short can afford an hourly rate. After all, if the copy editor hourly rate is $20 for an editing assignment and it takes 30 minutes to the job, it will end up costing $10 for the final product (you have to trust that the editor is honestly documenting the time). A manuscript may have over 100 pages and require a considerable amount of time for editing. It might be better in a situation such as this to accept a rate per page.

Weigh the Options Carefully

A copy editor brings a unique set of skills to the table. A writer of copy editing services contracts out for use of knowledge that he or she may not have. The size of the written piece is not the only thing to be taken in consideration. Technical or very complex subject matters will command a higher price, regardless of whether it is by the page or by the hour. It perhaps is a better strategy for a writer to get hourly and page estimates before even starting the work.

What has to be kept in the mind is the importance of getting copy editing done by an outside party. Trying to do it alone is risky business. A writer is too close to the text to be objective and that is a trouble area. Whatever the cost ultimately may be, it is easier to bear than having the article or manuscript rejected for mistakes.