Copy Editing Rates and Quotes

Being your own copy editor is like being your own defense attorney in a court case. It is a poor strategy and can have very negative consequences for any writer. The reason is that the author of the text has too much personal involvement in the words. He or she can accidentally overlook a mistake in grammar or spelling. It takes a pair of objective eyes to do a thorough job. Copy editors are professionals in the field and in providing copy editing services and they will charge copy editor rates that are governed by any number of factors.

Copy Editing Services Rates Will Vary

There is no set fee that will be charged. Copy editors take into consideration their experience and expertise in developing a quote. Additionally, the text itself is going to have a bearing on the rendered services. Non-technical language with easy formatting requirements will command a lower rate. Conversely, the writer of a technical manual should expect to pay a premium for the services that will be rendered.

The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

No one can blame a writer for feeling a little bit flustered. A copy editor doesn’t offer a free service, and so the question is not how expensive the copy editing prices will be but whether or not they are affordable. There are various ways that the quotes can be developed and a writer should keep this in mind. Some managers are going to charge as much is $50 an hour. That means that the copyediting worked done on a manuscript of a few hundred pages may cost $1000 or more. It is also possible that the copy editor will charge at a per word rate. That can ordinarily be in the neighborhood of $.02 per word. This would translate into a fairly reasonable rate for a medium-sized manuscript. Still other professionals are going to charge a flat rate. That puts a burden on the copy editor. Instead of charging an hourly rate, this person goes with one figure whether or not the editing work takes little or a lot of time. As the writer is evaluating which quote to accept, this person also has to be very concerned about the need. A good copy editor can help make a very dry text look extremely good. Anyone who has English as a second language is going to discover that a copy editor isn’t just a nice word enhancer; that person is an absolute must for the project.

Is There Way To Reduce The Expense?

There certainly is a means of reducing copy editing prices but it will take a little bit of work. While the final edit should be left to a professional, that does not stop a writer from taking a second or third look at the content before submitting it to the copy editor. It will require going over everything to make sure that the content is correct, and the grammar is perfect. Anything that is superfluous should be edited out immediately. If a writer can get as clean a copy as possible to the editor in the beginning, it is going to result in a smaller invoice at the end.

The amount of work done on the draft is considered, the copy editor is the best guarantor of final quality. A writer has a better chance of having his or her work accepted when a professional has corrected all the hidden mistakes. A smart writer is going to factor in the cost of any copyediting when starting out on the project. This eliminates the sticker shock at the end.