Catchy Headlines – Latest Online Copywriting Strategy

Great headlines are one of the keys to online copywriting

When it comes to online marketing, content is king is a phrase that most people with a blog or website has heard more than once. The problem is that only a few people will recognize the king without a crown. And fewer people will see that brilliant article you just wrote unless you have a good headline. While that may not be the best analogy, it is true that headlines can make or break your content. An oft quoted statistic is that five times more people read the headlines as read the body content. The headline is the first part of the copy that a reader sees. If your headline doesn’t hook the reader, it doesn’t matter how good the rest of the copy is. Knowing this, you should make sure that you put extra effort into coming up with a great headline. What makes a great headline? A headline should:

  • Be specific: A headline should let the reader know what the content is about.
  • Be original: A headline just like all the other headlines won’t get much attention. You need something original and unique
  • Show a benefit: People want to know what is in it for them. How will they benefit by reading your copy?

A headline should have at least one of the above. If it has all three then chances are it is a great headline.

Techniques and strategies for writing effective headlines

Written content often plays a big part in online strategies. Marketing a product or service isn’t a simple matter of slapping up an advertisement and waiting for the customers to line up. Online copywriting when done well will guide a potential customer through a series of steps that result in a sale. The headline is often what initiates that process. However, coming up with great headlines day in and day out is no easy task. Fortunately there are some techniques and formulas you can use when you are having difficulty.

The following approaches to writing headlines have proven themselves many times over:

  • The “how to” approach: There must be millions of articles online with a title that starts with “How to”. That is because it works. The key here is to tell the reader how to do something that is useful and that they benefit from.
  • Solve a problem: Everybody has problems or issues they need resolved. A headline offering a solution to something that bothers many people will pull in the reader.
  • Announce the big benefit: Make the number one benefit of your product/service your headline.
  • The question headline: Ask a question with your headline. It should be a question that people want to know the answer to, or that at least makes them curious enough to read further

These techniques work but you still have to put effort into it. You should still aim for original, specific, and useful headlines. It takes time and effort to write good copy and effective headlines. If you find yourself unable to put in the time yourself, consider professional persuasive copywriting help. Our online copywriting service can provide you with unique copy with effective headlines that get results.

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